A holistic network connecting Indian start-ups with International Angels.

IGAIN is a unique initiative by VENTURE GURUKOOL in the Indian start-up ecosystem which seeks to help India entrepreneurs in building world class businesses by connecting them with the International start-up ecosystem.



We are interested in start-ups that address a specific pain point of the customer. Start-ups should demonstrate a clear vision and strategy to achieve a reasonable market share.



We look for promising start-ups that can scale fast and generate huge returns from multiple sources.



We strictly look for bootstrapped start-ups which atleast have a minimum viable product (MVP) with initial validation from few customers.



We are in for the long- haul, thereby, we look at start-ups that can be on-boarded after fund-raising with the Venture Gurukool platform for investor assistance, mentorship and whole host of shared services.



We help investors in receiving a reasonable return and assist with an exit within 2-5 years. However, there are no guarantees as early stage investments have significant inherent risk but with Venture Gurukool, we help in minimising these risks.


Competitive Advantage

We seek start-ups that truly are innovative either in their approach of doing business because of exclusivity in licenses, marketing and distribution relationships, talent pool of resources (i.e. knowledge and skills), or have proprietary technology via IPR (intellectual property rights).



We look for passionate and committed founders who have a track record in performance. More importantly, we weigh heavily on the synergies and teamwork between the founding team.



We closely look at the projected revenue growth of the start-up and seriously dig into key assumptions behind the projections. We pay heed to unit level economics and cash burn rate.



We seek to raise funds for start-ups at reasonable and realist valuations.




Access to Global Angel Investment

Our roadshows will introduce entrepreneurs to a host of International Angels who invest via various formal and inform networks. As a platform, we provide credible investment mechanism to International Angels, which makes it easier for the start-up to secure funding.

Experienced Investors

Entrepreneurs would be pitching their ventures to experienced international angel investors who have an idea about the disruption bought forth by the start-up. This provides added advantage of gaining international expertise from them as impact mentors.

Access to Global Market

Our roadshow would give good exposure to Indian entrepreneurs with the start-up arena globally, providing opportunity to scale.

Adoption of Global Best Practices

Entrepreneurs can learn about global best practices and adopt it so as to truly build world classes businesses from day one, which scale not just in India but leap into global denomination.

Strategic Partnership

Our roadshows will give opportunity to Indian entrepreneurs to learn and gain a first-hand experience of the best in class technology adopted by start-ups across the globe, which could also lead to daialogues for strategic partnerships.

Network, Network and Network

The power packed roadshows will not only introduce entrepreneurs to investors but a host of key stakeholders in the start-up ecosystem from regulators to leading corporations. This could facilitate in strategic collaboration or even international expansion in the future.


Investment Monitoring

IGAIN offers holistic services to International Angels and goes over and beyond start-up networking by providing investors with a gateway to track on key performance matrix for their investment via Venture Gurukool. This helps in growth and increases the probability of the start-up in securing follow-on investments.

Attractive Returns

We offer international angels to be a part of the “India Growth Story” by offering them a host of hi-potential Indian start-ups after thorough due-diligence and screening. Once and investment is made, Venture Gurukool helps the start-ups to improve and accelerate their investment performances.

Risk Mitigation

Once an investment is made, investors have an option to house startups with Venture Gurukool which would assist entrepreneurs with end- to end solutions from impact mentorship to shared services. Venture Gurukool’s comprehensive services reduces the probability of failure of the investment.

Attractive Investment Vehicle

We offer international investors the opportunity to participate in Seed or Pre-series A round by creating an SPV in international jurisdiction, which offers better governance and greater transparency.




Have any question? Drop us a message at info@igain.biz. Do remember to state your intent!